INNOVATIVE Framing has been servicing houses and commercial establishments in the Coachella Valley area for over 20 years, and we are proud of the reputation we've gained for the caliber of our job. We adore doing our part to make beautiful homes, and our prior customers will attest that our love for our work translates into function that our customers love. For home and business owners alike, it goes without saying that location and aesthetic are two important factors in the success of any endeavor. Even after finding the perfect location to live your life or attract prospective clients, there is a great deal that goes into guaranteeing a favorable long-term outcome for your organization. Thankfully, INNOVATIVE Framing is here to assist home and business owners with our proven construction services.

At INNOVATIVE Framing, we pride ourselves on our new construction work for both home and business owners.

We provide them the new construction services they need for their lives and businesses to flourish.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the perfect place to get your company off the ground, or a homeowner looking to move into a space where their family can grow, INNOVATIVE Framing has the skills and experience you need for successful new construction. We know how important it is to have an accessible location. With this in mind, INNOVATIVE Framing ensures the quickest turnaround time on projects possible without sacrificing quality. We strive to minimize the impact our new construction work has on your life and company while maximizing your potential.

Whether we are providing customers with an industrial space intended for a brand-new organization, or a new space for an existing business, we are committed to completing our new construction jobs on time and under budget. We are devoted to turn-key new construction solutions, so that you can move in and get your business up and running right away. At INNOVATIVE Framing we specialize in every area of residential and commercial construction, from house additions to large scale renovation projects like the building of custom homes and offices.

If you are not certain about what exactly you want done, or what stuff you want to use, we are delighted to consult with you and supply you with options that could suit your home or workplace. Here at INNOVATIVE Construction, we keep up on the latest design trends, so whether you're looking for something chic and stylish or something much more classic we will be able to assist you to select something which will be perfect for you.

With all our experience, we have discovered that going the excess mile for our clients is the actual key to success in this company. We know that the job isn't finished until our clients are totally satisfied. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we always avoid surprises - you will know exactly how long the job will require, how much it'll cost, and exactly what it'll look like when it is completed..

WE strive to provide the best quality of service available. On every job, we arrive at all service locations at the designated time, ready to work and ready to serve. At all times, we maintain a tidy worksite so that the area is safe from hazards and clear of debris. We consistently meet deadlines, and we always work with the client’s best interests in mind. Keep your project on time, keep it within budget, and keep it on track. With our company, you can be sure you will.

Home framing not only provides a structure upon which to place drywall. This essential part of building is the base of the whole structure of your home. At INNOVATIVE Framing, not only do we offer excellent home framing services, but we’ll also take care of you. Count on us to offer excellent communication throughout the project. Our friendly staff are responsible and reliable. We know that when working on a construction project, timing is key. We’ll be sure to evaluate ahead of time to determine an estimated finish date and keep it.
From the foundation up, the home framing supports the walls, ceilings, roof and additional floors. When done right, a well-prepared and executed home framing can last for hundreds of years. Call INNOVATIVE Framing to discuss your home framing needs! We look forward to serving you.


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